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Student Stories

"What makes Professor Farbman's class unique and invaluable is the real life experience of planning, creating and presenting a public relations plan for an actual client. Working on the semester-long project for TCNJ's radio station, WTSR, provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills that are essential for a career in communications. Facilitated by Professor Farbman's passion for PR and enthusiasm for his students, my team developed innovative strategies for our client's specific needs. Today, as a Campaign Coordinator for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I am still utilizing the skills I acquired in PR, from composing effective and news worthy news releases to establishing important connections with media outlets. Now more than ever I can say that Strategies of Public Relations was the most advantageous aspect of my academic career at The College of New Jersey."

Kristin Auci
TCNJ Class of 2007

"When I switched majors to Communication Studies, I didn't know what the major would provide me. I always heard so much about public relations and expressed a small interest in it, but I did not understand what PR truly was or how it could benefit an organization. Then I took Strategies of Public Relations. I learned exactly what good PR was and how I could launch my PR career. Professor Farbman's class had the right blend of background and theory, mixed with various skill building exercises that made the class both practical and interesting. The PR plan and presentation that I created with my colleagues has been by far the highlight of my academic career at the College. And most importantly, Professor Farbman made me realize that I did have what it takes to be successful in PR. Once, I was unsure of my future, but now, four years later, I know what I want to do with my life and plan to go to graduate school for public relations. Thanks to Strategies of PR, I am ready to leave TCNJ and make positive changes in the real world. I cannot wait!"

Rowena Briones
TCNJ Class of 2008

"I was passing through the Ewing area and drove by House of Music... they installed a sign with the new logo just like my team recommended! I was definitely excited to see that!"

Dan Dougherty
TCNJ Class of 2006

"Professor Farbman's class taught me about the level of professionalism that is expected in the real world. He had high standards for all the practice letters, plans and projects we turned in, which allowed me to get in the habit of conducting business in the proper way. That's important because knowing how to communicate properly shows those around you that even if you are a recent graduate, you are a professional. In addition, he taught us about the unwritten rules of any communications field - how to get along with those we are working with and the importance of networking."

Daniela Flores
TCNJ Class of 2006

"Professor Farbman gets public relations. He does a great job in making sure you leave his class with a grasp - no - VICE GRIP - of public relations."

Dana Gaiser
TCNJ Class of 2006

"When I was a freshman in college, I had no idea what I wanted to do and what major I should choose. Thankfully, I had Introduction to Communication Theory with Jake Farbman during my freshman year first semester and he introduced me to the world of communication studies and the many possibilities that exist. That along with his friendly, fun, energetic teaching style got me intrigued and made me stick with the major. I enjoyed his class and luckily I took Strategies of Public Relations my junior year. I will never forget what he told us in that class... 'Public relations is all about truth and trust.' I apply that now to my own experience in the business world."

Jennifer Hagert
TCNJ Class of 2005

"'I looked forward to Professor Farbman's class every week. That's rare considering the other things you could be doing instead of attending classes. The discussion materials and his teaching style really engage you. There was never a dull moment. You learn to use your creative side and communicate your ideas and thoughts through discussion, exercises, and life experienes. You need to take this class before you graduate if you are interested in the field. It doesn't hurt that Jake's awesome, too!"

Hara Hawthorne
TCNJ Class of 2004

"In fall 2006, I entered my last semester at TCNJ as a political science major. At that time, I figured I would get a job unrelated to my degree and grind out a living in something I had no real interest in. Then I took Strategies of Public Relations with Professor Farbman. I am now obtaining a master's degree in public relations at Rowan University, have an internship with a successful PR firm, and a tuition-paying graduate assistantship, where I use public relations to help fund Rowan's community reading clinic.

"Jake stressed to the class that making solid, trust-based connections throughout our future careers and in our personal lives was the key to success. The next 15 weeks were filled with PR skill builders and lessons on 'keeping it real,' all geared toward building lifelong trust-based relationships and the development of an outstanding professional reputation. The most practical lessons I learned were through the group development of a professional PR plan. My group chose the Communication Studies honor society, Lambda Pi Eta, as our client. The five of us began by spending countless hours researching, and developing contacts with, our client. Working together, we developed a roadmap for LPE's success.

"The semester-long project took more effort and commitment than any other project I had ever done. It was also the most successful. The reason: effective communication. I never had such close interactions with a group before, or with a professor, in developing a major project. We set benchmarks for every step of the process and stayed on task. When it came time for one of our many meetings, we got pumped up and let the creative juices flow. This was especially true of our meetings with Jake. The gold nuggets of wisdom he volunteered at these meetings were invaluable to the project and our lives."

Greg Howe
TCNJ Class of 2007

"I was fortunate enough to occupy the last seat available in Professor Farbman's Public Relations class in fall 2006. Working on the PR plan was a roller coaster ride which enabled my group to utilize the material learned, but most of all get the real world experience of crafting and strategizing a plan for a nonprofit organization. This class brought out the go-getter skills in me and opened the door for a once in a lifetime opportunity, an internship in New York. My experience in New York was unforgettable and it would not have been possible without Professor Farbman's public relations class."

Saadia Hussein
TCNJ Class of 2007

"Professor Farbman is what an educator should be. Professional and friendly, Jake is an ideal mentor who always makes his students his first priority. His class is extremely helpful in preparation for the real world as students have the chance to work with local companies in a much more professional manner than most internships. It doesn't matter what major you have or what your career path is, Professor Farbman's class teaches you how to represent yourself and the company that you work with, an invaluable skill that rarely receives any focus throughout your college education. More importantly, he practices what he preaches, as he's already a success in the industry that he teaches about.

"If you prove to him that you are serious about his class and your career, you will have an ally for life. He has gone to bat for me and so many of my friends in terms of jobs and grad school. Simply put, taking his class is the best career move you can make as an undergraduate student."

Jeremy Jacobs
TCNJ Class of 2004
Enterprise Account Executive
Infragistics, Inc.

"Professor Farbman's Strategies of PR class is one of the few college courses you can take that will present you with an assignment just like one you'd get out there in the real world. You'll learn how to collaborate with a team to produce the kind of work that would make a company want to hire you to do its PR. The course will also help you hone essential skills for the working world, no matter what avenue you choose. It's all about being professional - being thorough, prepared, organized, and extremely detail-oriented."

Donna Kardos
TCNJ Class of 2005

"Professor Farbman's classes provide a unique learning environment that actually prepares you for the real world. Throughout his classes, you not only learn about the art of public relations but also yourself. The strongest lesson I learned during his course was to embrace what I excel at and do what I love. His classes are fun and entertaining and reduce the anxiety students have about life after college."

Jessica Palmer
TCNJ Class of 2005

"Living the 'Farbman experience' in his public relations course opened my mind to the world of PR and taught me the importance of forming relationships with people and being a credible person. By producing a PR Plan for our client, I got a taste of what the real world is like. Farbman Rocks!"

Eliana Reyes
TCNJ Class of 2008

"Jake Farbman's Introduction to Communication Theory course provided valuable insights into the nature of communication. The course was taught in a clear, concise manner. Jake Farbman implemented unique and engaging activities to demonstrate the real world applications of the concepts and philosophies learned. I highly recommend both the class and teacher to any student with a love of communication!"

Dave Schlossberg
TCNJ Class of 2006

"I went to Professor Farbman's class the first day knowing nothing about PR, taking the class just to fulfill one of my requirements. Little did I know this would be one of the only classes where I would actually take what I learned and apply it in the near future. In class we learned everything from how to write a news release to tips on improving our résumés. We also got hands-on experience by creating an image-building public relations plan for an organization. The plan served as a great tool for job interviews along with the portfolio I put together with Professor Farbman's help.

"As the semester came to an end, I realized that I had accumulated a binder full of handouts. However, these handouts weren't the kind you just stick in a binder and throw them away once the semester is over. These were the handouts that the smart students would keep for future reference.

"Professor Farbman is a very responsible, smart, fun, and lighthearted teacher. He's always prepared. His experience working with the New Jersey Council of County Colleges provided great examples and stories, which we would often hear about in class. He was always available for help after class and would even meet up with students outside of class to discuss anything that was on the students' minds. Taking this class has provided me with resources that landed me a summer communications internship in New York City. I am currently responsible for researching and putting collateral together for a loyalty program to be launched in January 2008."

Kelsey Urena
TCNJ Class of 2008

"Professor Farbman's classes were not only some of the most entertaining classes I took at TCNJ, they were also some of the most beneficial. I majored in journalism, and currently teach high school English, but the strategies I learned in Farbman's classes help me interact with students, administrators and parents on a regular basis. I have used my class notes several times when teaching about presentations and public speaking. How could anyone not like Farbman? He's an Eagles fan!"

Casie Wexler
TCNJ Class of 2004

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